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4 Rules for wearing Your Shoes

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It is very important to have a set of basic rules when it comes to wearing your shoes. When you chose a suitable pair of shoes you must take into account a series of factors, such as: the occasion, the season, the comfort and the quality.


Shoes Rules by Viggo London

1. Choosing the right pair according to the occasion. One common issue that men encounter is not knowing how to choose the most suitable pair of shoes according to the place where they are going to wear them. As an example, the “sport” shoes are called ”sport” because they are meant to be used when practicing sport. The same is valid for the dress shoes, which are designed for special occasions. No one says that these are the only occasions when one could wear the shoes on. But most of the times the liberty of wearing them no mater the situation, is pushed to the extreme. Thus the barrier between the formal and the casual look is totally ignored.
2. Invest your money in quality. Many men prefer diversity and accessibility to quality; but why would you invest a large sum of money in many low quality shoes (which you would use for one season), when with the same amount of money you can buy less pairs of high quality shoes which can last for ages. Investing in quality can also teach you how to actually save money and appreciate the real quality shoes of your wardrobe.
3.You should always choose the right size and comfort. Don’t get scared if you feel there is a difference between your feet in width or length. Statistics say that 90% of men have small differences between their left and right foot.
4. Take good care of your shoes regularly. This is an absolutely necessary and important precess for making their life as long as possible. We will publish a special article on how to use a care cream and polish your shoes. Until then, remember that it is not recommended to wear the same pair of shoes day after day; allow them to get dry.

Always use Wooden Shoe Trees after wearing it. They have the role of absorbing the wet and protect the leather by removing the folds which appear after wearing.

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