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Viggo S/S 2016 Collection


The Viggo Contemporary line, designed especially for the bold and confident
gentleman, is characterised by its cutting edge design, attention to details,
functionality and outstanding comfort. The rich selection of textures, colours
and models give it a special charm, which surprises through every detail.



Viggo S/S 2016 Collection 1



Viggo Seafarer Jacket

Made of a special texture, especially created for the warm season, the Seafarer
is the main character of every wardrobe.



Viggo S/S 2016 Collection 2



Viggo Explorer Jacket

Explore the summer evenings with this half-padded, half-traditional jacket
which is a must have for every gentleman.



Viggo S/S 2016 Collection 3



Viggo Traveller Jacket

Travelling and summer activities are a delightful pleasure with this half-canvas
traveller jacket, which is made of a very delicate fabric.



Viggo S/S 2016 Collection 4



Viggo Wayfarer Jacket

The freedom of expressing is as important as the freedom of style matching.
This is why the subtle light blue colour matches perfectly the checked
texture of the Wayfarer jacket.



Viggo S/S 2016 Collection 5



Viggo Adventurer Jacket

Made of a very special wool and having an unprocessed look, the double-breasted
Adventurer jacket provokes and invites to new experiences. 



Viggo S/S 2016 Collection 6



Viggo Nomad Jacket

Matched with a light coloured pair of trousers, the Nomad jacket expresses its
versatility though its airy fabric, contrasting buttons and the wide lapels.



Viggo S/S 2016 Collection 7


Viggo Voyager Jacket

Fuchsia, the dominant colour of the Voyager jacket, together with its modern look
and sartorial details, express a unique and exceptional clothing style.



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