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Viggo Made to Measure gives you total control over your suit

We are working hard in designing an outstanding Made to Measure experience,
which will be available on our soon to be opened Viggo store in London.

The experience will begin with a casual discussion. This is very important
because before deciding upon the physical details of your next suit, our
professional fashion consultant will need to better understand your needs,
wardrobe and the context you are going to wear the suit in.


Viggo London Made to Measure 1


Let’s choose together the perfect texture

This stage is usually influenced by elements like the current season, your
working place, the event or occasion where you will wear the made to
measure creations. Our strong collaboration with the world’s best textile
manufacturers helped us create a collection of over 5000 textures of
fascinating colours, all of different types and special models.


Viggo London Made to Measure 2


We tailor according to your personality

The most captivating and artistic stage is the one of customising. Once you
choose the texture, the creativity and imagination goes free in finding the
proper details for your suit design. Starting with the construction type,
which can be half-canvas or full-canvas, everything is customised: the type
of lapel, number and type of buttons, pockets, lining, buttonhole, even the
thread used for sewing the buttons or lining. Choosing the text and style
of the monogram from the interior or the jacket gives a personal touch to
your new wonderful piece of clothing.


Viggo London Made to Measure 2


Uniqueness in design, perfection in tailoring

A made to measure suit means more than uniqueness in design. This means
perfection in tailoring. The most important step in creating a made to measure
suit is the one of suit measurements. Using a ready to wear suit, the Viggo
fashion consultant decides together with you on the proper measurements,
according to your body dimensions. The shoulders width, the waist, the sleeves length
or the trousers hem, everything is carefully verified for a flawless fitting.


Pleased to Meet You

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