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Viggo London A/W 2016 Collection


The new Viggo Autumn-Winter collection is defined by the balance between attitude
and boldness. Designed with a great passion for quality men’s fashion, each piece
of clothing emphasises the real qualities of a true gentleman: gratitude,
kindness and courage.



Viggo London A/W 2016 Collection 2


Daryl Grey Jacket

Change the rules of the game with Daryl, the jacket which makes the difference
though its extremely elegant simplicity.



Viggo London A/W 2016 Collection 3



Lazio Brown Jacket

The universe of the classical flannel comes alive though this wonderful camel
unconstructed jacket. Tailored with a great attention to details, it
stands out though its cut-out, the slightly wide lapel, Neapolitan
shoulder and applied pockets.



Viggo London A/W 2016 Collection 4



Leslie Burgundy Jacket

Tailored with a warm wool fabric with classical sartorial details, this flannel
jacket will turn family reunions into everlasting memories.



Viggo London A/W 2016 Collection 4



Viggo Kendric Suit

Designed with a deep passion for quality tailoring and deep respect for the
wool factories in Biella, Italy, this three piece suit is a real
definition of refined taste.



Viggo London A/W 2016 Collection 5



Viggo Aiden Jacket

Built to be a reliable companion in extreme situations, the Viggo Aiden
inspires quality and excellency.



Viggo London A/W 2016 Collection 6



Navy Unconstructed Coat

This Navy unconstructed coat takes care of you in the most challenging occasions
and will ensure success in a world where only the strongest survive.



Viggo London A/W 2016 Collection 7



Lewis Brown Jacket

The Viggo Lewis Brown Jacket represents a statement built with passion for subtle
details: soft shoulders, applied pockets and functional buttonholes.



Viggo London A/W 2016 Collection 8



Harold Brown Jacket

The moment style meets with comfort there comes just one result: the unconstructed jacket.



Viggo London A/W 2016 Collection 9



Preppy Royal Jacket

The style lives inside yourself as family is always in your soul. It is firm
but continuously evolving; instinctive but conscious at the same time;
It’s part of your identity.


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